Things to look for in a Leica CV5030 Coverslipper

Hello! Welcome to Cridersville at New Life Scientific lab. One of the videos I wanted to show y'all out there is the Leica CV5030 coverslipper.


We've bought a couple of these. These are great units. This particular one we bought that has the transfer station so you can hook it up to particular stainers. This transfer station is for a ST5010. You can tell that because the crane where it picks up, where it goes gets the baskets, the slides come out the front and the other’s in the rear. There's normally a piece of plastic over it. If they don't have a piece of plastic it's okay.


Also when you're buying them you'll see them - sometimes I'll show you a picture and they say check bath. I've been asked by y'all “Oh it says check bath this is that's what it's supposed to do”. Because when you turn this thing on, the first thing you have to do is open the door, check the bath and now it's ready to prime. I didn't do anything, I just opened the door and touched it. So the prime is something else you do. It activated. It primes.


One of the machines we just got in - I haven't processed it yet. That one - doesn't have the transfer station which is fine. Big problem is that it doesn't have the dispenser nozzle. You'll see on the running part of this video why that's a big deal. So look for that. A lot of times they won't have this container. The glass part of it and theoretically I could live without the cap. It's just a lot of work. Things to look for, that's one.


That metal box right there is one thing you want to make sure it's there. Having these is not important. I have these. They can buy these. Leica will have. They also- it's nice if you have the tray cover for them but it is not- that's not a deal breaker. These little trays are. Although let me know, I have some of this last group, we bought plenty of extras. Having racks used to be.


Anyway, that's the machine. So dispensing head and the cap. Well the dispensing head – a must. The tubing and that cap are nice to have, not a requirement. Glassware, another something nice to have but not a requirement. Other than that there are two different versions of this, of the 5030 as well. One has been updated. It has a slightly different color screen. It's more of a green on black. Anyway the color is different. You'll see them, it's an amber color rather than the white. So keep that in mind.


The newer is you can add a transfer station to the ones that have been updated or the ones that came updated so that's the CV5030 down and dirty. There you go and thank you very much!


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