Varian Cary Spectrophotometer Accessory Demo for 1x1 Peltier & Routine Sampler



Welcome to new life Scientific and the tech shop. Today we're going to talk about accessories for the variant line of spectrophotometers. The 103 hundred line. Agilent has the line now and these accessories do work with their branded as well. The first we're going to talk about is what's called a one by one paltier cooled system. The unit is a dual path system, two cuvets with water circulation to cool to the temperature that you desire. The water on this type of unit doesn't come from the temperature controller as they do in the six x six and eight by eight transports, but by some type of water hose. One of the options they offer is with just a submersible pump, it doesn't take much water flow to cool them. 

This was an optional pump and your other option was to put it just to a water tap. A small flow will have been more than enough to get your temperature down. This unit in cooling is actually running and when you do have the unit, you go into the accessories, the setup, the accessories. You set your temperature, the one by one Peltier click ok. It'll show your temperature and what it's waiting for and the degrees that it's running. That will wait to run your scan until it gets to the correct temperature onto it. When you do set the settings in the software, it does send out to the controller as well. You can also set the controller manually with this device. That leads to one of our other accessories. This, by the way, was hooked up to a carry 300. 

You can hook these also up to bio 100, as long as they have the accessory option in the units. We've covered that in some of our other videos. If you're not sure what we're talking about, which basically is another board underneath the chamber. Anyway, back to one of our other options is a routine sampler, as Kerry calls it. Industry seems to want to call them a sipper. They're designed to pick up a sample and flow it into the cuvet at regular intervals. It does it strictly by the use of a peristaltic pump. Can be used in production where you're just constantly wanting to pull samples and get your readings. It can be manually run from the front or again from the software. 

It does require a controller with a standard controller that would also be used with the six x six transports that you're probably familiar with. Software is controlled much the same way you go into the setup. Accessory two in this case. That's your sipper models. This is an internal routine sampler. Sipper is on, you can set your delay and the like. Click ok now when you run your sample to finish, fill and read and your pump goes ahead and starts pumping into your unit. When your conditions you've met in the software have reached it will shut it off and perhaps rinse the sampler chamber at your diet and go on to the next one, depending on how you program it. Third option that we see, and I've never seen anything written up onto them, is a sampler rack. 

But for solids could be used for determining color of glassware would be mounted either in the units there on similar panels, they could be used for cuvet. There's a number of different used for this. They're very easy to install. There's just a couple of bolts that you pull out your other type of your rack, whether it be the one by one peltier, the six x six transport, the zipper, or just the dual channel. And these will mount right in the same holes. It takes three minutes, perhaps, to change any of these accessories out in your unit. That click as you heard was the unit changing over to the uv lamb. And as you can see, it's running sampling and then it'll finish up and it'll do the rest of the program. 

So that's some accessories that may help you in getting your task done in your lab. Check them out. Thank you very much. Bye.