SP Scientific VirTis Freezemobile Freeze Dryers 25L & 35L

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SP Scientific VirTis Freezemobile 25EL Freeze Dryer
New Life Scientific SP Scientific VirTis Freezemobile 25EL Freeze Dryer



SP Scientific VirTis Freezemobile 25EL Freeze Dryer
VirTis Freezemobile 25ES Freeze Dryer with drum manifoldVirTis Freezemobile 25ES Freeze Dryer control panel
New Life Scientific VirTis Freezemobile 25ES Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer w/ Shell-Freezing & Manifold

NLS Certified


• 16-Port Drum Manifold


SP Scientific VirTis Freezemobile Freeze Dryers

Benefits of the Freezemobile FM35 and FM25

  • Excellent for high-throughput laboratory lyophilization: With the largest chamber capacities in their class, smooth-walled chambers for quick defrosts, and industrial-grade components, Freezemobile freeze dryers are our top recommendation for laboratories needing to continuously lyophilize large volumes over many hours — or even days!
  • Large condenser capacity: The 25- and 35-liter capacities of these two freeze dryers make it suited for high-throughput, industrial-grade lyophilization. For comparison, Labconco's largest freeze dryer is only 12 liters.
  • Lateral defrost chamber: Thanks to its front-mounted defrost chamber, you don't need to wait for all the ice to melt before removing it — you can simply slide it out and continue processing samples.
  • Ultra-low temperatures: The EL variants of the 25 and 35 are capable of reaching -85°C thanks to their dual-stage cascade refrigeration systems. With temperatures that low, the 25EL and 35EL can sublimate demanding samples with especially low eutectic points.
  • Optional baths: Select Freezemobiles have a shell bath where you can prefreeze your flasks before attaching them to the manifold.

Guaranteed Service & Testing

Thanks to our service and testing procedures, every Freezemobile is restored so that its performance rivals that of a new unit. Additionally, each unit's new components and cosmetic touch-ups will serve to maximize its lifespan while looking great in your lab.

  1. Insulation is replaced
  2. All vacuum tubes are replaced
  3. Both compressors are examined
  4. The refrigeration system is recharged
    Unless it's a newer system that performs exceptionally well right off the bat, we recharge the low stage of the cascade refrigeration system found in every Freezemobile EL. If needed, we will also recharge the high stage as well.
  5. The compressor's voltage draw is measured
  6. The vacuum and temperature readings are calibrated
  7. The freeze dryer is tested one final time

Guaranteed Accessories

  • New/rebuilt vacuum pump with an oil mist collector
  • Tree or drum manifold
  • All manifold valves
  • 1 gallon of Inland-19 vacuum pump oil
  • Manual fluid evacuator
  • Power cable


ManufacturerSP Scientific/VirTis
Lowest Condenser TemperatureES: -53°C
XL: -70°C
EL: -85°C
Max. Condenser Capacity

FM35: 35 liters

FM25: 25 liters

Optional Bath Temperature

ES: -45°C

XL: -55°C

EL: -70°C

Number of Compressors

ES: 1

XL: 1

EL: 2

Compressor Horsepower

ES: 1.5

XL: 1.5

EL: 1.5, 1

Construction316L stainless steel condenser chamber
Dimensions (W x D x H)

FM35: 35 x 36 x 41. in. (no manifold) (no shell bath)

FM25: 25.5 x 28 x 37 in. (no manifold) (no shell bath)

Note: These specifications may vary based on the unit you receive.

Electrical Specifications

208-230V, 60Hz, 1 Ph, 20A

Note: These specifications may vary based on the unit you receive.


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