Microfluidics LV1 Electric Microfluidizer Processor Homogenizer with Rebuilt Kits

Hi! I'm Rich at New Life Scientific, and today I want to show-off the Microfluidics LV1. It's the low volume, high shear capacity with nanotechnology that is made for smaller sized samples.

You can see here it has the syringes here so that you can pull in your sample. Then you can press it through your mixing chamber here, and then it'll come into the other syringe here. You can actually, by hitting the button, pull in as much as you want.

There's a great video online on how to use this machine, so I'm not going to really do much there. I just want to actually kind of promote this machine and what comes with this, and what we've done to it to get it working up to manufacture specification.

You can see right here it has a mixing chamber already on the pump head here. It also comes with four extra mixing chambers so that you have a variety there, and you can switch them out really easy.

It comes also with a lot of syringes that came with it. I think there's five syringes there. Looks like three of them are new, and I'm not sure on those. Possibly might be used ones there, and then these two are used ones. But what I want to point out here is when we got this unit in, it came with a lot of rebuilt kits.

So while I was in it, I went ahead and replaced the hydraulic fluid in the system itself. We pulled the hood off here. We did completely evacuate the fluids and put new fresh fluids in it and inspected the back end of it so that everything is properly running there. Then I went ahead and disassembled the head here. This one is actually going to come with the tools to replace the pump seals on it, and this one here is specifically for the tightening ring there. Then this one is an actual tool that you need once you get that out, but I already went ahead and did a rebuild on it.

Another thing too is it actually comes with two extra pistons that actually do your pump or pumping. It has a myriad of extra seals that come with it so that you can easily rebuild the head, and this thing will be going for many years and years with everything you got here. So, it's a really easy system to actually rebuild and get the new seals in it. It doesn't take much time at all, and I'm here to assist in any way I can.

Because of that, I wanted to shoot this video, just because it did come with all these extra things, and to let you know exactly what we did to get it up and running to manufacture specification, like I said.

Like I said, this is more for the nanotechnology industry where you're just doing small samples down to one milliliter and not made for production. But it works great. It has all the accessories that you need for a long time.

If you got any questions on this machine or any of our other microfluidic systems that we have here, give me a call at New Life Scientific. Thank you for watching!

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