Sealed Unused Thermo Microm HM550 Cryostat

Hi! I'm Rich with New Life Scientific, and I just wanted to shoot a quick video of this HM550. The reason is because it's actually never been used, and we've done a lot of used ones that have come in. This is not the current model, but we did get this one in. It was in the original crate, never had been used, been sitting, probably, in a warehouse for some years. But it works great.

We did test it, and I just wanted to show you a few things that it did come with, because over here on the table, all we did was just unwrap it from the bubble wrap that it was in – the original packaging. We have the original crate for this one, even the sticker seal still on up here. You can see here the original film that you need to peel off before you use it. Everything is just in excellent condition, which it ought to be for not being used, and that's the biggest reason I want to do the video.

It does have most of the options that come with it. It has the vacuutome option, has the specimen cooling option, and it has the disinfectant option. And then, like all models, it comes with the Peltier cooling also. But just a loaded machine – never had any use.

It's still just been sealed up in a crate, had the plastic bag completely around it, and it's going to make a nice piece for somebody that's looking for a great deal for an essentially new machine. And like I said, that's what the video is about, just to reassure you that this has definitely never been used.

But anyways, if you got any questions on this or any used ones, we refurbish the used ones also to bring them up to spec, so we do have them also. But great opportunity here to get a great deal on a never used machine, and thanks for watching.

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