At New Life Scientific, we deliver products to Massachusetts, even though we are not located in the state. Our user-friendly site makes it easy to find the used equipment you need at a price that suits your budget. 

Buy Used Lab Equipment: High Value for Low Costs

Lab equipment is vital to research processes, teaching, developing products and so much more, but new equipment often comes at a steep cost. When critical lab equipment is out of your budget, used equipment from New Life Scientific offers the reliability you need from these tools.

We sell our lab equipment with a 90-day warranty and anywhere from 50 to 90% off retail price. In addition to the savings you can experience with your used

products, you can save time. Typically, ordering new equipment comes with extensive wait times for the manufacturing of new products. When you have an essential task to complete, there's no time to waste. We carefully package and ship your order to you without the manufacturing downtime. 

What can you find on our site? Our selection of used lab equipment encompasses a wide range of tools, from CO2 incubators to ultra low temperature freezers and everywhere in between. You can explore our full collection of equipment to find precisely what you need. Notable categories include:

  • Centrifuges: This equipment is critical for separating substances in scenarios where purity is the top priority. With benchtop models and floor models, you can find a product that suits your space. We also carry microcentrifuges and ultracentrifuges to meet your separation speed requirements.
  • Histology equipment: The study of tissues requires essential equipment like cryostats, slide stainers and microtomes for accurate assessments. 
  • Genetic equipment: Genetics studies often involve working with multiple samples. With used machinery like thermal cycles and DNA sequencers, your team can make accurate judgments and stay productive.
  • Analytical tools: Analytical machinery, like cytometers and mass spectrometers, help operations gain valuable information. Trust our used systems to provide the analytical power your team needs.
  • Imaging equipment: Used imaging equipment like flask readers and microplate readers can help lab technicians more effectively assess substances. 
  • High performance liquid chromatography: Many labs rely on HPLC to separate substances and need high-accuracy systems for effective gradient control and separation. 

Find Equipment From Leading Manufacturers

We vigorously test and service our used equipment to give a fair assessment of their quality, and we also carry products from trusted manufacturers. Leading manufacturers in lab equipment have earned their reputations for lasting product designs and unmatched quality. With the help of our refurbishing, you can give these reliable tools a second life.

Some of the manufacturers we carry include:

Shop equipment by the manufacturer to replace existing equipment in your lab or find a newer version of a trusted model.

Sell Used Lab Equipment to Us

Our business is possible thanks to the organizations that see potential in their used equipment. Selling to a used lab equipment dealer like New Life Scientific can help your organization reduce waste while generating funds for newer models or high-value projects at your lab. In addition to purchasing your equipment, we can also sell equipment through consignment for leasing companies to recover residual investments.

Before committing to purchase, we will carefully inspect your equipment to determine the value of your asset. Our team will work with you to maximize the value and offer the best possible deal to our buyers.

With your help, we can generate a stock of used lab equipment that helps organizations reach their goals. We'd love to hear from you about your current assets and discuss the opportunities for purchase. 

Why Buy From New Life Scientific?

New Life Scientific offers value to buyers through more than just used equipment prices. Choosing our team comes with:

  • Quality control: Selling trusted used lab equipment to your Massachusetts organization requires a close assessment of each product. Our technical team completes a thorough testing and servicing process to bring every tool and machine up to suitable operating standards. You deserve a sense of certainty when buying used equipment. If you need reassurance about a product before you buy, our technicians can help you feel confident about your purchase.
  • Customer service: At New Life Scientific, we love to chat. If you have questions about our products or your purchase, you can get in touch with our customer service team and talk to real people. 
  • 90-day warranty: While we do our best to sell equipment in the best possible shape, we want to protect you from the unexpected. With our 90-day warranty, we help you recover your money in the case of major equipment failure, so you can prevent financial loss. 
  • Descriptive listings: You deserve to know what you're buying before you complete your purchase. Each used product has a thorough product description with any included parts, the overall condition and additional information you need to know. Our team goes the extra mile to give you confidence in your purchase.

About New Life Scientific

Our core values are servanthood, integrity and authenticity. We strive to build trust with every buyer and meet their needs through our responsive customer service team, technical assessments, warranties and descriptive listings. Our team embodies transparency, and we're ready to answer all your product questions.

We sell most products in good condition, and in some cases, our refurbishment practices get equipment to like-new. If we buy any equipment in lesser condition, we'll scrap it for usable parts. When you need a reliable source for used lab equipment in Massachusetts, shop online at New Life Scientific. 

Become One of Our Trusted Customers

New Life Scientific serves many notable organizations, including Harvard University, Moderna and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Our team can send equipment your way, whether you're in Boston, Pittsfield or somewhere in between. We offer everything you need to make buying used equipment a simple and reliable process. Browse our collection or contact us if you have any questions about our products.

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